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  Internets potential for freedom of expression

Internet is a media that allows for freedom of expression to be more than just a principle. With low cost and easy access, Internet endows anyone with the possibility of expressing his or her ideas to a potentially worldwide audience. Futhermore it empowers individuals access to information, providing for radically new means of seeking information whether it be from the local community or from the other side of the world.

Through the use of search engines expressions can be reached by the intended audience even when the information is non-commercial and directed at a small audience and/or when the communicating parties have no prior knowledge of each other. This provides political, racial and sexual minorities with new means of meeting and communicating with likeminded worldwide.

At present, the new means for communication are being used by human rights defenders all the world, by suppressed media, by minority groups, and by individuals, who have gained new ways to express opinions, communicate, seek information, find likeminded, or mobilise civil society.