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Digital Rights

Annual Reports
  Digital Rights is founding member of a new European organisation with the aim of strengthening European cooperation in the field of Internet rights.

European Digital Rights (EDRi), an international civil rights organisation for the internet, has been founded during a meeting in Berlin on June 8, 2002. Ten privacy and freedoms organisations from seven different countries in the European Union have joined forces and founded European Digital Rights to defend the civil rights of citizens in urope in the digital age of information- and communication technology. EDRi will be based in Brussels.

European Digital Rights is an association in which existing European privacy and freedoms organisations work together in raising awareness of policy makers and the public about the upcoming threats to our privacy and freedoms. European Digital Rights will focus its activities towards developments in the European Union and the Council of Europe.

The need for cooperation among European organisations is increasing as more regulation for the internet, privacy and interception is originating from the European Union. Especially since 11 September the pace in which civil rights threatening regulation has been passed demands unified action from the defenders of these rights. Some examples of regulations and developments that have the attention of European Digital Rights are data retention requirements, telecommunications interception, the cyber-crime treaty, initiatives for rating and filtering of Internet content, notice and takedown procedures of websites and fair use restrictions.

The founding members of European Digital Rights are: Bits of Freedom (Netherlands), Chaos Computer Club (CCC, Germany), Digital Rights (Denmark), Electronic Frontier Finland (EFFi, Finland), Foundation for Information Policy Research (FIPR, United Kingdom), Förderverein Informationstechnik und Gesellschaft (FITUG, Germany), Imaginons un réseau Internet solidaire (IRIS, France), Privacy International (United Kingdom), Quintessenz (Austria) and Verein für Internet-Benutzer (VIBE!AT, Austria).

EDRi: www.edri.org