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Libraries and freedom of expression
No snooping
Internet as public sphere
The slide
Internet and Freedom of Expression
Alarming regulation
  The article discusses whether content-based restrictions on Internet access at Danish public libraries are compliant with the freedom of information protected by Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Departing in Jürgen Habermas´ theory on system and lifeworld the paper argues, that the formation of a free and critical public opinion are reliant on a public sphere accessible by all. Internet represents such a public sphere to which every citizen is secured access according to the new Danish library law. The paper argues that the current practice with content-restrictions by filters or search restrictions at Danish public libraries is problematic, since it arbitrarily restricts citizen’s access to information, which is already in the public domain. Furthermore, it undermines the libraries obligation to secure that everybody has access to the public sphere of Internet.